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Personal Growth

Being in a relationship is hard work...let us help you find ways to make it easier (and dare we

Addiction Support

We all know it is bad for us and we wish we could quit, but sometimes we need a helping hand.

Weight Wellness

As humans we seem to be hard-wired to be addicted to things (drugs, alcohol, sex, food)...the list is endless.  Do you need help to control your cravings?


I really appreciate all the help and accountability that you provided. Thanks again!

J.M., Winnipeg MB

I just have to say how grateful I am for your help so far. 
My mood, thinking and everyday experience are so much better in such a short amount of time; I never would have believed it was possible. 
Thank you -thank you!

S.E., author

I recognize skill when I see it. Dale is impartial and unbiased which helps me make decisions and to determine what suits me. His experience as a relationship coach helps me tremendously to find the answers.

Kevin, Veteran, Phoenix AZ

I have worked with Dale over 13 years after meeting him when he was brought in to counsel and motivate the staff at a high-end design firm I worked for. At various times for various issues I have relied on his sage advice and intuitive abilities to teach me techniques to create success. Whether you need personal or professional guidance, you can rely on him through the peaks and valleys of life. Dale can always show you a different perspective. 5 stars!

D. Alexander, St. Croix, US VI

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Self Talk
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Bitter Sister

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