Bitter Sister

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So What?


That may well be what you’re thinking after our last meeting when we discussed our best self-treating us less as a ministering angel and more like a nun with a grudge.


Today I would like to examine what use there may be in this ornery sister with a ruler we all carry inside. (Sorry for the stereotype sisters).


As mentioned last time, it’s impossible to understand the purpose of our Higher Better Self unless we learn to take the same long view that it does.


We can do that most quickly by learning to really listen to it.


This brings us to the technique of cognitive behavior therapy, CBT, a truly effective practice coming into wider and wider use.


The only fault with the technique is that the way it is usually taught and practiced is: behavior response is altered from the outside in, which is opposite to how we experience our lives, and therefore the effects, the positive changes, arrive far more slowly than they need to.


The usual premise is - I pay attention to my frame of mind, until it alters, then I determine the outward cause of that change; and only after that do I go within to recapture my thoughts just before or just after the cause.


The point to this of course is, if we can identify the thought surrounding the event, we are able to correct the error in it and alter or avoid the result.


Then it’s rinse and repeat until the new response or - none at all - is the new habit.


We all can learn to change faster and more deeply by learning to pay attention to our thoughts.


Once we learn what they are and the value of them, or the cheapness of them, we can turn all that babble, all that endless stream of words, half-sentences and pictures riding on bubbles of emotion into the secret source of not only our success but our growth, peace and joy. We can learn to live a life of value.


This is one of the great secrets of life – We all have the power to effect deep and lasting change, within us and outside us.


That is why our higher selves are better than a bitter sister, because the rest of our selves has the power to change our higher - self thoughts from sewer rivers into endless oceans bouncing in limitless light.


To learn how you can make that happen for you, please phone, text, email, comment or schedule an appointment online.


All the best