Getting Un-Stuck



If there is one question coaches hear over and over it is this one – ‘I’m stuck’.

Most of us use the phrase amazingly loosely. The meaning we try to express ranges from ‘I can’t decide between this or that’ to “Despite all I’ve tried, nothing has changed and the only choice I have is to just give up’.

Even though the first is shopping and the second a thin cover for serious depression, the causes are the same.

First cause is usually repeated denial of a small event or incorrect thought. There is no longer a social expectation that we acknowledge mistakes or the times we fall short; those are to be covered and hidden away and forgotten.

So, with society’s blessing, that is exactly what we do.

We may forget them; but they don’t fade like an old school photo, they block a portion of ourselves from free flowing toward the future. It is easy to see how over time enough little blocks together can stop a large part of ourselves from the movement of experience, of life. And, if enough time has passed, we’ve forgotten what those little events or wrong thoughts were. If we don’t know them, know who and what they are, how do we dislodge them?

That’s when the panic sets in; the fear we are trapped.