Thoughts on Thoughts




Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? I don't mean why we have certain ones like "I will kill him!" because ____________.


I mean this constant babble of thought, our consciousness. It must come from somewhere, be caused by something, right? All things have a source. All things have a source. So what is the source of thought?


We humans are hard wired for cause and effect. It's through cause and effect we measure all our joys or lack of them, our attachments to pleasure and pain, as well as the experience of time. Our time is truly measured by our every breath in, every breath out until both stop, and for the first time in a lifetime, we face death. Death's mystery, its murkiness, confounds each of us because we have no way to measure whether it is cause or effect. Whether your belief is death is a gateway or a full stop, it leads us beyond cause, beyond effect.


I was taught at one point, and believed for quite a while, that the acceptance of the concept of linear time, one thing seeming to happen after another, was not only required of our consciousness to exist here, but was the ultimate rule of this physical world.


Slowly I realized that linear time is not the ultimate rule; it’s just a measuring tool - a ruler to measure cause and effect; a tool to help bring meaning to events. A tool that brings the third dimension to the second dimensions of pain and pleasure, right? Can you see those connections? 


So then is cause the creator of our thoughts? It certainly seems so doesn't it? Nearly everything moves from a cause to a beginning and then a middle and then an end. We employ our thought to do those very things to carry us to the end of each desire.


But if the ends are actually our goals, does that mean effect is actually the creator of thought? Effects quite often have manifestation in the physical and we sure know that those, both good and bad, spur a response from us.


Neither of these seem unlikely for a very simple reason.


They're too small. As life giving, life enhancing, and too often, life limiting as they are, cause and effect are too small. Too small.


Remember a time (or pretend with me now) when you stood out on the middle of a plain on a clear cool bright day. Remember how many miles you could see? Remember how it filled you up? Maybe those vistas made you feel so small? I would say, wrong again.




No matter which direction you looked, you could see a horizon. A line where earth and sky met. The limit of that view. You could see its ends. If you could see the end you were aware of it, right? Was that vast plain or anything in it aware of their ends? No. At least not as we are aware. If you were the plain, in the plain or any part of it could feel your boundaries? No.


Think about it. When you are lost within yourself when you’re concentrating are you aware this is my desk, this is my hand on the desk? No. But as soon as you pull you awareness back from inside yourself, you become aware of all that’s around you and you feel bigger again. If you can see its ends of anything you, are bigger than it ts. Right? You are bigger than any end you can see; any limit you experience. By definition. if you can see the end of whatever it is you look at listen to or become aware of, then it is smaller than you. If not in size, then in knowing. Few other creations beside humans can create a place of definition for things, and, at this time, no other creatures that we know of can do it with things not physical.


What are you bigger than? How much are you are bigger than? How powerful are you?


Not very, until you know the answer to today's question - where does thought come from?


Thought, in its ceaseless pouring streams every minute, is nothing more than your Larger Self whispering to you - guiding you, guarding you, growing you.



Doing its best to make sure you are always bigger than.