Why Your Best Self Doesn't Care if you are Happy



We recently discussed your best self as the source of thought. But if that‘s true, shouldn’t you be able to just think your way into each goal and every good thing you could ever want?



Well, you can. But. Not until you gain the wisdom needed to break through being happy to living joy. The second biggest obstacle to your lack of knowing what the attitude is of your best self. And its view of everything is different from yours.



Until you grow into the power of your knowing, the Best self is stronger than you. It knows what's best for you. It loves you best. It will often not cooperate with you no matter how much you rant, cry, yell or force your will. It does not care if you are happy. What? Your BEST self doesn't care if you're happy! Why? That's my soul or whatever my belief is, right. My spirit. My corner of special and only. And it doesn't care? Why?

If you don't yet understand why it can't care about your happiness, it will continue to take care of you whether you like it or not. Why again? Because until then, until you understand, what makes you happy is all about your ego. about who you think you are.



Your BEST self knows that your true happiness lies in only one thing. Change. Continual, complete, drag you through hell if necessary change into forward movement. There is only forward and no back. All things move forward; if you are standing still on any level, what's happening? You are being left behind. Why? Well because after all, you have a body and a mind and a heart. But. You. Are, Spirit. And that full experience of that unique spirit is the goal of lifetimes.


You are powerful, peaceful, loving and infinite - that means without end - infinite. Infinite. Without end. Spirit.


As it stands now, when are you happy? The easy answer is (unless you're ill) whenever you have enough. Right?



Enough Love. Enough Money. Enough Health. Enough Distance. Enough Beauty. Enough Youth. Enough Family. Enough Time. Enough Friends. Enough Newness. Enough Food. Enough Travel. Enough Good. Enough Stuff. Enough Adventure. Enough Recognition. Enough Praise. Enough Power. Enough Control. Enough Strength. Enough Dreams. Enough Experience. Enough Time. Enough Children. Enough Spouses. Enough Lovers. Enough Sensation. Enough Respect. Enough Knowledge. Enough Liquor. Enough Peace. Enough Life.


I promise if you run through those fast enough and just a little bit loud, you will sound exactly like a screaming three-year-old, right?



How is any of the enough an expression of an infinite, powerful soul? You can’t have infinite and enough in the same place at the same time.

And that is why your BEST Self doesn't care if you're happy.



Your BEST self cares that you become all of who and what you were created to be.



How do we get there from here? Let’s work on that.


Chicken or egg.  Both please. Fried.