Coaching Agreement

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Dale Marcotte Life Coach -  Life Coaching Agreement

Date: ___________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________


Our sessions are conducted in any of the following formats - by phone, in the office, or virtual (Skype, Tango, Facetime, etc.). The cell number is 602.421.4510

Missing or rescheduling sessions is strongly discouraged. If an unforeseen event does require you to reschedule, please notify me 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Please remember that not completing, or partially completing your assignments is not a reason to reschedule. If assignments are not complete, it is very important that we work together during your scheduled session to strategize, overcome obstacles, and establish next steps. If notification is not given 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time, the session will be considered missed and thereby forfeited.

Life Coach Disclaimer of Liability: Client hereby employs as Dale Marcotte as a Life Coach for the purpose of supporting the Client with respect to Client’s self-awareness, vision, goals, and strategic plans. Dale Marcotte has experience in such matters and agrees to render such coaching services. Client understands and expressly agrees that this engagement is for the purpose of life coaching and strategizing.

The Client further expressly understands and agrees that Dale Marcotte is not a physician or medical professional. Client further expressly understands and agrees that the Life Coach will make no physical, medical or psychological diagnosis nor prescribe any medication whatsoever at any time.

Financial terms:  Payment for services is due in advance of service on a weekly basis whether the Client elects session to session or packaged services.  Payment is made via PayPal, Square or by special arrangement.

The Client further expressly understands and agrees that if Dale Marcotte deems necessary for the Client’s benefit, recommendation to a specialist may made to enhance treatment in whole or in part, and that, Dale Marcotte will conduct no further sessions until the recommendation is fulfilled.

This agreement shall remain in force until either party notifies the other in writing of its cancellation. have read and agreed to the Policies and Disclaimer of Liability.

Client’s Signature ______________________________________________(Date)_____________

Dale Marcotte’s Signature ________________________________________(Date)____________

Once you have completed this form please email it to me at or bring it to the initial session. Any questions, be sure to contact me.